Who can join the event?

The Recruitment Days are organized annually for all master- and PhD-students within our faculty. This means that the students from all tracks of Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Embedded Systems and Computer Science are heartily invited!

Where do I sign up and how much does it cost?

You can register online at our website, www.eemcs.com. Registration is easy and completely free! Registration is open until the end of January.

Where will the event take place?

This year's edition will be hosted in building 36 on campus, the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics.

How does the event work?

The EEMCS Recruitment Days is all about getting the right students and companies in touch with each other. After a quick, online selection procedure, students and companies are matched. The best matches get to meet each other during the event!

How does the matching work?

The selection happens on our website. Both on your dashboard and in the menu bar, you can find a link to the company selection. There, you get to see an overview of all companies and their information. Do you find a company interesting? Press ‘Select company’! Similarly, companies can view the anonymous student CVs. They can rank these CVs from 1 - 3, indicating how interested they are. Based on the interests of both sides, our matching algorithm ranks the results from ‘Perfect match’ up to ‘No match’. The best matches are invited for a meeting. No worries - if you have not gotten a ‘Perfect match’, you can still get invited to a meeting, depending on the number of available spots.

How many companies should I select for the matching?

The number of companies you select does not influence your ranking for individual companies. For instance, selecting few companies does not give you a higher chance of getting a ‘Perfect match’ for one specific company. Thus, please feel free to select all the companies you find interesting!

How long do the meetings take?

Every meeting takes about 25 minutes.  

I have a meeting but cannot make it on that specific time slot. What should I do?

Please send an e-mail to our team at EEMCS-ETV@tudelft.nl. We will try to see if we can give you a different time slot. That way, you can still meet your match.

How do I prepare for a meeting?

There are various ways to prepare yourself well:

  • Join the CV workshop on January 11th and the Interview workshop on March 8th so you’ll be sure to shine during the selection and meetings. Register for the workshops on our website!
  • Be sure to have familiarized yourself with the company that you will be meeting! Read about their work online, so you know what they do and what they stand for. That way, you will avoid awkward moments during the meeting.
  • Be your confident self and have fun! While the meetings may sound a little overwhelming, they are meant for you and the company to personally get to know each other. So, ask all you want to ask and enjoy yourself - your possible future employer will do so too.

What if I am not scheduled for a meeting but still want to get in touch with a certain company?

Please come to our Network and Drinks! Every afternoon during the EEMCS Recruitment Days, we host a special Network and Drinks at Café Labs on campus from 16:30 till 17:30. This is the perfect opportunity to make connections with companies, strengthen contact with companies or chat with other students and recruiters about their experiences over drinks!

Keep an eye on our instagram and LinkedIn page too see which companies are present on which day.